Series C


LED Sports Light Series C1

LED Sports Light Series C1

BETTER DESIGN: New LED modules produce 140 Lumens per watt - Save even more by using a lower watt unit and still getting the light you 

need. Focus on your lumen needs, not on watts. 

BRIGHT LIGHT: 500 Watt LED puts out 65,000 Lumens and is designed to replace a 1500 watt Metal halide sports light. 5000K light color 

ensures a bright clear light.

DIMMABLE & INSTALLATION OPTIONS: Unit is 1-10V Dimmable. Light can be dimmed to ideal brightness levels to save energy and get the 

light levels for your area. Bracket(optional)that can be adjusted all the way forward and back. 

BUILT TO LAST: 1,000 plus LEDs save having to replace bulbs. Aluminum housing with high tech heat sink. Better heat dissipation ensures 

longer LED life and safety. IP65 Waterproof for all weather conditions. 

APPLICATION: This LED area light only uses premium grade LED components. High strength housing make this an industrial grade LED parking 

lot lights or sports light. Light can also be used on a building, for sports fields, roadways or any other use. Highly versatile light.

  • Product overview
  • This LED outdoor stadium lighting has anti glare measures, lamps and accessories meet the environmental requirements.

  • LED light for stadiumof high strength, corrosion resistance, and electrical accessories to meet the requirements of heat resistance.

  • Reduced costs creatinga more sustainable sports stadium becomes that much more possible with stadium LED floodlights.
    With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption.

  • Also reduce cost with LED sport lights from longer lifespans by 2-3x, reduced maintenance costs.

  • Improved Fan Experience Creating a unique stadium experience is now possible with LED stadium lighting. Create an experience that
    is professional, sustainable, and enjoyable for all fans.

  • Safety and Security with an increase in light quality and output, visibility becomes better. This creates better safety in two ways: for the
    players and the visitors. By enabling players to see better on the field or court, they will better be able to avoid potential accidents with
    LED sports field lighting.

  • In the same way, fans and visitors can feel safer in the stadium or in the parking lot with well-lit areas.

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