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Grow Light Series A

Grow Light Series A

Maximize Yield and Crop Quality: This lED grow light comes with upgraded LED chips and 4(or more) efficient aluminum bars,

ensuring higher efficacy PPE 2.7umol/J and better heat-dissipation, longer lifespan. Max 2.8g yield per wattage with 30% higher average 

PPFD and 50% greater yield & quality compared with the old plant lights. The 300-800W LED grow light will help you achieve maximum 

quality and quantity.

Unique Design: The permutation series is a unique modular bar design for enhanced thermal management and output level selection.
Optimal mounting height is 6''-12''(15.2-30.5cm) above canopy.

Dimming Design- 0~10V standard dimming. Multi-light Connection with unified dimming especially beneficial for large area of indoor
growing and commercial planting.

Long Lifespan and Warranty: More than 50, 000 hours life, DLC listed and verified for safety; 5 years warranty against any defect in
materials and workmanship.

Wide Application: The Linear Grow Light series is an economical solution for general types of plant growth. Suitable for greenhouses,
Hydroponic, darkroom and so on. LED grow light is designed for indoor growers to seek higher yields and top-shelf quality.

  • Product overview

The Horticultural Grow Light series provides a wide range of specialized spectral luminaires designed for a variety of plant growth and location conditions. 
The Horticultural series draws from years of research and technical expertise of professional horticulturists and plant specialists. The in-house testing facilities,
high capacity manufacturing and quality assurance systems meet the demands of both small and large plant growers in the whole world.

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